Congratulations and thank you for your recent purchase.

The wood frame of the Black Swan is finished with “Good Stuff” hand rubbed finish. “Good Stuff” finish is a gel urethane finish which protects the wood frame against moisture and marring. We suggest cleaning and oiling the wood frame, and powder coated components of the instrument from time to time. We use ‘Pledge Revitalizing Oil’ for this task in the shop. A periodic oiling will help keep the moisture content of the wood consistent; which will ensure a constant sheen and promote the longevity of the instrument.

If you find the finish on the wood frame grows dull with usage, you can re-apply a fresh coat of “Good Stuff” at any time. Apply the finish by hand, using a rag. Allow it to set for 2-3 minutes. As it grows tacky, buff it out with a rag moistened with “Good Stuff”. Allow 4 hours dry time before applying additional coats. Final buffing can be done with a dry, lint free rag. For an ultra smooth finish, rub the frame down with ‘0000’ steel wool between coats.

We use white lithium grease at the connection between the tuning rod and tuning ring, and at the extended nut and tuning rod. We go to great lengths to ensure a smooth action on the tuning system before the instrument leaves the shop, yet they will improve with use. The same can be said for the retaining ring and latches. Each component has a ‘life’ of its own. As the components grow accustomed to working in concert, they will achieve a balance point.

As the system ages, small metal filings may build up within the receiving socket of the tuning ring. If this occurs, simply swab these filings out of the receiving socket with a ‘Q-tip’, and apply fresh lithium grease within the socket.

In the unlikely event you experience a manufacture-based failure with your instrument, simply contact us and we will set it right. We are unable to accept responsibility for damage incurred through mis-use or accident.

Mike Meadows and I set out to develop a superior instrument. The Black Swan continues to evolve as the project progresses. We welcome any feedback you have to offer regarding the instrument. We will do our best to keep you apprised of new accessories and additional products as we continue to develop them.

May your Black Swan serve you well.

Eric Holland