Black Swan Drum FAQs

Q. Is there a proper way to change the head?

A. Yes, check out this video for the proper way to change the head: [youtube link]

Q. Do I need to send my Black Swan back to install the Slap Panel Assembly or Foot Pedal Bracket?

A. No, all Black Swans are set up so that any Swan Percussion accessory can easily be added in the future.

Q. What’s the best tonal range to use the Black Swan Drum?

A. While the Black Swan Drum has a wide range of tunings, it is best suited in the mid to low range. The type of head used will also dictate where it sounds best. It can certainly be cranked up to get a frame drum sound, but we recommend that unless you’re specifically playing a song in that tuning, you should keep the tension low on the head. This will also extend the life of your head and reduce stress on the wooden frame. When storing or traveling with the Black Swan it is best to detune the head and keep it loose. (Check out some audio clips here –LINK to 16” head page)

Q. Can I get a custom wood/material, stain or custom powder coating on the steel?

A. We are open to designing custom Black Swans. Contact our design team to make your requests and we’ll go from there!

Q. Can I attach cowbells or other small percussion to the frame of the Black Swan?

A. Yes! We recommend the LP claw or anything similar to add additional percussion instruments or small cymbals to the Black Swan. It’s yet another way to customize the instrument to your playing needs and style!

Q. Does the type of Wood make a difference in the sound?

A. Each Black Swan is hand-crafted and each one will have it’s own unique characteristics, just like a hand-hammered cymbal. The tonal quality of the wood does create a slight difference in tone. Maple tends to be rich and mellow and has a great mid-range sound. Cherry is warm and low, getting a slightly better resonance at lower tunings than the Maple. The Bamboo is somewhere between the Maple and the Cherry in it’s general tonality.

Q. Does it come in another size besides 16”?

A. Currently the 16” is the only size available. We chose this size because it has the best range of sound, it’s easy to transport and most music stores have a better variety of 16” floor tom heads than larger size heads.In the future we do plan to offer both an 18” and a 12” (hand held) version, so keep checking back!

Q. What kind of drumhead does the Black Swan come with?

A. A Remo Ebony Pinstripe with the Black Swan logo

Q. What’s the best case to transport the Black Swan?

A. Any 16” x 16” floor tom case will work great. We recommend the Enduro 16” x 16” hard case, as it is both durable and affordable. We’ll soon have a backpack-style soft case specifically designed for the Black Swan.

Q. What’s the best way to mic. the Black Swan?

A. We recommend the Audix D-6 for both live and in the studio. It can easily be clipped on the frame,  and it captures a great low tone with a nice punch.

Q. Can the Black Swan use ANY 16” drum head?

A. The Black Swan was specifically designed to accept any standard 16” floor tom head from any of the major drumhead manufacturers: Remo, Evans, and Aquarian. Others may work as well. Check out the 16” Drum Heads page [LINK] for some examples!

Corsoba Cajon FAQs

Q. Do you have padded seats?

A. Yes! We offer foam seat cushions laminated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Simply peel and stick. You will find them in our accessories.

Q. Can you make custom sizes/variations?

A. Yes, feel free to contact our design team and we can talk about customizing your Corsoba. There will of course be a longer wait time and increased price for any custom job, but Swan Percussion is all about creating the right tools so you can fully express yourself!

Q. Recommended cases?

A. We’re currently developing a custom backpack style soft case, but it will fit into the same 16”x16” floor tom case as the Black Swan, with plenty of extra room on the sides!

Q. If a string breaks, can it be changed?

A. Yes, unlike most Cajons, the Corsoba has an innovative snare system that allows you to quickly change out strings or disengage the entire system. It utilizes 4 strings total,but you can use less if desired.

Q. If I purchase a standard (no snare strings) Corsoba, can I later upgrade to a snare system?

A. No, the adjustable snare system is placed inside during manufacturing and cannot be added later.

Q. Is it easy to change the tension on the strings?

A. Yes, the Corsoba Cajon (string model) has mandolin tuning pegs inside that allow you to quickly and easily change the string tension.

Q. Can I have a Corsoba Cajon (string model) with the adjustable panel on my left and the vent on the right?

A. Yes, this is what we call the left-handed string model. Most players prefer the right-handed orientation, but for a nominal fee we will gladly switch it around. On the standard Corsoba this isn’t necessary as the main playing surfaces are the same; it’s the addition of the string system that dictates right-handed vs. left-handed orientation.

Shakers FAQs

Q. Is the 3 ½” Shaker the only size available?

A. For now, but other types of shakers will be available starting in 2011.

Q. On the variable shaker, what if the slide is loose and won’t stay in place?

A. This can happen, depending on humidity/climate and the type of wood. It’s easily remedied by wedging a piece of card or paper between the slide and the shaker opening. Check out the video here: [youtube link]